3. Lumber Mill

This large wooden structure is Blackfen's most significant lumber mill, run by the wealthy merchant Frelmus Rhelm. The sounds of wood being sawn, chopped, hammered and piled fill the air and the building is a hive of constant activity

The lumber mill is one of the largest around and although Frelmus employs a large number of lumberjacks, most of the wood is purchased from loggers located in the nearby settlements of Malthorp, Doyndale, Witheridge, North and South Rilind, Tunridge, Arthorp, and even as far as Yatton and Edinleigh. The wood is quickly stripped, split and treated before being exported to more lucrative markets. Of course, Frelmus also supplies the lumber needs of Blackfen and the other nearby communities. With the war having driven up both the demand and cost of wood, for Frelmus, at least, business has never been better.

Frelmus Rhelm was born in Blackfen and started life as a lumberjack. It wasn't long, however, before he soon realized the potential of not only selling on his own lumber, but also that of other lumberjacks and he soon had enough to construct his own mill, which is now the most significant for miles around and sees much of the lumber of this region pass through its doors.

Frelmus has grown very wealthy off the back of the lumber industry, but is only too aware that Blackfen is not a safe place to run a business and is looking to break into the even more lucrative markets of Karnish. Progress is slow, however, as the markets there are distant and already well established, but Frelmus is a determined man and not one for giving up easily.

Adventure Hook
Frelmus is concerned about reports of flying creatures attacking loggers from South Rilind on the edge of Old Cobb Wood near Dead Gnoll Hill. Reports are sketchy, ranging from a black dragon to a giant eagle or owl attacking the loggers to protect her nest. Others have reported anything from hippogriffs and wyverns to manticores.

He has already noticed a fall in lumber from that source and is worried he will not be able to fulfill an important order for the Karnish Military to repair some forts in the Silver Hills - an order he is keen to fulfill to maintain his good relations. He is concerned that this shortfall will hit his reputation and future prospects.

As such, Frelmus will be happy to pay a reward for anyone willing to investigate the source of these reports and resolve this problem for him. Other than what has been reported, he has no idea as to what is behind these attacks, but would suggest a trip to South Rilind, where many of the loggers who have been attacked live.

In fact, two wyverns have recently made their home near the peak of Dead Gnoll Hill, a tall and rocky hill on the eastern edge of Old Cobb Wood. The loggers have been easy pickings and supplied a constant stream of food, as have the livestock of local farms, as well as the occasional farmhand.

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