2. The Dragon's Claw

The Dragon's Claw The first tavern encountered into Blackfen, The Dragon's Claw is very much a local, serving the nearby farmers, farm hands and those who live on the edge of the city. Despite the war, strangers are common enough, especially at night when late arrivals to Blackfen are looking for a room for the night. Guests are more often than not merchants or travelers, happy with the comfort and homeliness of The Dragon's Claw.

During the day, it is often empty, with only a few regulars found seated at the bar or on one of the many stools found scattered around the tables. However, as the farm hands end their shifts in the late evening, it soon begins to fill and it is not long before the air is filled with thick pipe smoke and the atmosphere is both raucous and lively.

The proprietor, Myar Thorand, is a bear of a man, with thick, bushy hair and a beard to match. His demeanor is generally gruff, though amiable enough with those he knows well. He tends to see the negatives in life and is commonly heard saying "Now't good will come of it, I'll tell yer. You'll see." His wife works as the cook and his two daughters as wenches.

His son, Urin, however, spends most of his time somewhere in Old Palisade Town, much to Myar's ire, and regards him to be nothing but a no good drunken layabout and is thoroughly ashamed of him.

Adventure Hook
Myar is concerned about his son, Urin, who has recently taken to spending much of his time in the taverns and inns of Old Palisade Town. He would be grateful to anyone who would help put his son back on the straight and narrow and avoid a life of drunkenness and, more than likely, crime. Unbeknown to Myar, Urin has become involved with the Dark Water Church of Narag Narg (see keyed area 4).

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